SCA Membership

Get access to editable templates and ready-to-post resources in the School Communicator Academy Membership . It's perfect for school leaders who need content for social media, their blogs and/or newsletters, but don't have the time to create everything themselves. We've even included a free mini-course on using Canva to brand and edit your templates so you can use them over and over again.
  • Learner Level

    Beginner to Intermediate
  • Tools Needed 

    Free Canva account
  • Templates/Downloads

    500+ and growing each month!  
  • Resources

    Training videos, templates, downloads, newsletter content

What's included?

  • 1 Canva 101 Course
  • 500+ Canva templates
  • 25+ Adobe Creative templates
  • Pre-written and edited newsletter/blog blurbs
  • Content calendar
  • 1 license

Make Communicating Fun

This membership will give you access to creative, editable templates and downloads you can use to effectively communicate with your school/district families via social media, your website or blog and in your newsletter.

Master a New Skill

Our annual membership will also give you access to a free Canva mini-course where we'll train you on how to edit and brand your templates, as well as a FREE 30-day trial of Canva Pro, should you decide you need a more robust design tool.
Customizable templates and downloads
savings with an annual membership

Become a member and join our global community of school leaders committed to improving the way they communicate.

We're dedicated to helping school and district employees become more creative and efficient in the ways they communicate with and to families, students and the communities they serve. 

With more than 30 years of combined experience working in private schools and public school districts, we know what parents and families want and expect to see from their children's schools. We also know the time constraints and pressures school leaders are up against, so our goal in creating this membership was to help you keep the lines of communication open, in a cost-effective way that's easy to maintain.
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